E-Book Bedtime stories for kids

Animal E-book stories for little minds aged 6-8.

two boys reading under mushroom
two boys reading under mushroom

Mareebee is a grandmother who lives in the forest in a magical little tree.

All the animals, birds and other creatures love and trust her.

They tell her 'critter' stories and she gives them understanding, lots of laughter and love.

These stories are one of many the creatures share with Mareebee. I am Mareebee and want to share those stories with you.

Bedtime stories

girl reading by lion
girl reading by lion
Mareebee's Kaboodle

Stories using animals for a happy ending

My books are about animals helping children to handle challenges.

Reading is a big adventure for kids

little girl in hero cape
little girl in hero cape

This is a series where the child is a hero and involves an animal they love who teaches them wonderful things.

Children can be heroes too. It is important that children think of themselves as capable.

These stories give examples of every day children in different environments who learn important life lessons.

Hero Series

Videos for kids

Grow & Be Curious

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