Animal E-Books for Kids

All my e-books for kids include animals. They bring out the best in kids. I talk about my experience with animals when young.

1/19/20230 min read

When a kid myself, we had two cats, Tom and Gerry. We named them after the cartoon characters that were part of a popular TV show in the day. The two cats were totally different, Gerry was more calm and kept to himself. Tom was a fighter and as a result, he seemed to be the one who always ended up needing extra care. In fact, he came down with distemper from fighting.

Our other cat Gerry suffered eventually from Pneumonia so it was very distressful. In those days they did not know as much about cats and their diseases. But I found myself gravitating towards Tom because it seemed to me that he needed extra attention. Maybe it was really me who needed it but we became talking buddies. Many a day I spent next to him telling him about what was upsetting me.

He did me a great service because I did feel alone and he was always there and seemed to care. So I was able to get my traumas out and I learned a lot about how understanding animals really are. He needed me as much as I needed him. That is when I noticed other animals around me and became interested in what they had to teach us. I was thrilled to know they all have a sense of connection and sense when we can be trusted.

They are more connected to the universe, to nature and the messages that come to us all. I was fascinated in how much they knew. I wanted to learn much more so I paid attention when they reacted to something. I think all kids have this kind of connection to critters. Not just our pets that spend so much time with us but also those strange wild things who claim our planet too. That is why my e-books were created. To re-connect to my childhood and other children.