Creative Websites for Kids

Creative kids enjoy many activities and sometimes need a little inspiration or direction. These sites are just for them.

12/28/20220 min read

I am a creative person so I appreciate those places and sources that give me a new lease on that talent. Kids often start out coloring or painting with water colors but finding something more to get those talented juices flowing is not always easy. Kids 6-8 have an advantage over my day for all the free places they can look. I hope you enjoy these suggestions:

  • National Geographic for Kids - this is a must for all kids, so much to do and animals too. They have a section called 'Animal Jam' you must check out.

  • PBS Kid Games - Again animals are at the forefront here. They include 'Curious George' and the infamous 'Cat in the Hat'. You can get around this website with ease and it is just one enjoyable moment after another.

  • Storybird - this one was new to me but I love it because kids can build their own books. Wow, that sounds like fun. They even give you choices of possible art work to add to the tale.

  • Best Game Sites for Kids - if you have a child that is clever and needs that stimulation, give this a try. It is for all kids in all age groups and is kid-tested.

  • Funology - With a name like that, you know this has to be unusual. This is meant for those children who need something to do like building something or travelling around the world using every day objects you have at home.

  • DIY - this is a site to exchange information of your skills and to share your work. Be sure to do this with a parent to assure the sharing is appropriate.

  • News for Kids - this appears to be a well-acclaimed site, for those kids who need to know what is going on.

  • Ziggity Zoom - is promising with all the variety available like stories, games, play where your child's imagination can soar, all meant to help creativity with imaginative flair.