How We Value Mothers

Since Mother's Day is imminent, I want to put in my two cents about the value of our mothers and how it has changed.

5/9/20231 min read

Mother's Day has been around a long time. I appreciate the fact that it is still a part of our lives because we should acknowledge the contributions these dedicated women make to our lives. What it means now is totally different than in my day but we still know them to be a valuable part of our lives. I worry though that today's mother does not get the recognition she deserves.

I say that because it seems like the word mother has gone from meaning a position of honor and respect in each household to being just one of two partners responsible for raising kids. Since she is no longer staying at home for the most part and is often required to work to bring in another income, she should be getting the support her partner does by having that person take turns helping with the duties at home.

Instead, she often now has a full time job as well as the full responsibility of making all the meals, laundry, dishes, house cleaning and taking care of the kids. The partner helps here and there but the assumption is it is her job. In fairness, many partners are willing to share and help consistently. But because moms are the usual nurturers, they still have to take the lions share of responsibility for shaping the young kids in her life into respectful adults with a purpose.

So I think that is heroic. They should be applauded for such dedication. But is it realistic? Joint conversations should occur about what is best in raising the kids and more of that has to happen so both take responsibility. In this world today, the internet is making parenting so much harder. So it is vitally important both people are jointly dedicated to making that little human being into a responsible adult. And a final point to moms. You have my deepest respect and admiration.