Kids Should Learn of Money in School

i did not get to find out about money in school. So I wanted to be sure other kids did find out since there are now great ways to teach them.

5/16/20231 min read

Since I did not learn about money in school, I did not truly relate to what it meant. But my parents decided it would be a great lesson for me and my 2 brothers and gave us an allowance with some indications of where and how it could be spent. We had to do chores and that was what we earned. But a portion had to go towards the purchase of new clothes for school. As far as I know, I was the only one in my school where my parents taught this.

It was valuable to learn that clothing truly was expensive. The funny part of that is years later, I am satisfied with not buying new attire. In fact, used clothing that is in good shape is good enough for me. Maybe that lesson went too far but I am satisfied at what I am saving. However, today there is some hope for the new generations who are getting some great ways to learn about it in K-2 classes.

One place I found out about this is the website where they actually have five different ways to learn. They start with Money Basics lessons in English and Spanish that you can download. Then there are money puzzles to learn about coins and bills. Then there is a printable Don't Lose Your Money exercise to help you learn about the value of money and how to keep it safe.

Then you get to make a water bottle piggy bank followed by a piggy bank quiz. Learn more here: