What to Be When You Grow Up

How we come by our decision to follow a certain career is fascinating. I wanted to look into that idea.

8/23/20220 min read

I could tell you that I always wanted to be a writer. But somewhere along the way, my parents worked on me to reconsider since they felt it would not generate an income. They did not come right out and say that. But at every turn, they suggested other avenues. I found it a little confusing since that is where my heart was.

So I found myself looking at my other abilities. I could garden well and loved nature in all of its forms. Music was always considered because even at an early age, I was taking piano lessons. I also played preserve jars with a nail so I had an ear for music as it was called. The creative urge also pushed me towards making greeting cards, taking cartooning courses, painting and illustrating.

I still enjoy all of those things and since I do my own illustrating now in my e-books for kids, it was a good thing I learned about it at the time. As to the gardening, I have done it all my life and love growing my own food organically. This is something parents should encourage with kids. What could be better than a life skill they will always use and that nourishes them as well.

So what did I end up doing for a living in the early years? At that time, women did not have all the opportunities like they do now. It seemed life you could be a waitress, a teacher, a nurse or a secretary. We did not have a huge choice. So I did years of secretarial work and fell into doing public service types of things like working with special needs kids in schools and in mental health contracts.

Many public service jobs followed like working in the crisis line. What I learned about the human mind served me well later when writing books. To work at something that helped other people, allowed me to be creative and utilized my writing skills was amazing. I finally got to follow my heart.