Number 14 and Counting

This latest book is my 14th and is the first volume in my new Fantasy Series.

6/24/2022 1 min read

The latest e-book in my collection is a new category. Fantasy is a fully engaging concept and with a great story line I made my first volume in this series entitled, 'Kortney Discovers the Butterfly Secret'. This is an e-book that kids will love because it is a bit of a mystery and fun to figure out.

Sometimes the every day things can become larger than life because they all seem to point to some sort of question we have in our minds. The way something looks draws our eye in or a flash of color makes us look. When a collection of things start to happen that seem to demand our attention, we look for answers.

Kortney is no different. As a young child, she is curious about her world. Animals use their abilities to understand things because they are tuned into their instincts. So watching animals is always enlightening because they sense what we do not. By watching and learning, we too can find answers we seek.

This affinity we have for animals and all living things is very real. We are all a part of a huge living and breathing environment. So it is natural for all humans to be curious about that world that is unseen but sensed. I also believe that animals are just as curious about us. They know things about us and often try in their own way to connect with us.

Children love animals. The two are intertwined like flowers and bees. So when animals try to tell us something, it is wise to listen. Enjoy the mystery as it unravels for all to see in my bookstore. Adventure and fantasy awaits.