What Do Kids Want To Be When They Grow Up

This is an interesting question I want to explore. I hope to give parents some food for thought.

9/15/20220 min read

'Global Career Counsellor' has some valuable insights: - We need to observe, understand and analyze the interest and potential of our kids in order to help them in setting their future career goals. We need to identify what the child is good at as it is possible that the career that he was thinking about at a very young age may not be his interest anymore.

We need to provide an open environment where kids can explore and express their thoughts and feelings. We should focus more on skills than a set curriculum for all-around development and open-mindedness of the child. There are so many challenges that kids would face while they grow up and we need to prepare them best for their future.

We need to always believe in our kids. Our trust can give them the strength to do their best in the field which they are good at and love the most. Our motivation and guidance will help them to explore and understand the challenges of life and their positive approach toward the future.

A career that can give your students happiness can be a hobby that they can up-skill and carry throughout their lives. There are some career options that can give them success but if they are not happy with the work they do, that success won’t last.