Why You Should Read To Your Kids

Valid points presented from 'Healthline' to aid you in good habits with your children.

7/20/2022 1 min read

There are so many reasons why reading to your children and encouraging them to read is a great idea. In the early years, it creates a bonding experience and you are encouraging excellent listening skills which is part of comprehension. While they are being read to, the child feels secure and is able to immerse themselves in the experience.

When you read and talk to your child, they score much higher in language skills because they are hearing words more often. They also associate the picture given in each section with the words so they can understand the meaning. This also means higher IQ and language skills up to age 14.

An expanded vocabulary can come in handy in later years when writing and will always be appropriate to use in conversations as an adult. The benefits go beyond merely learning a few words. Then enrich our experiences.

Concentration and self-discipline skills are maintained by exposing children early to language. Also, they have learned how to listen so are better able to sit still, will have a better attention span and memory retention is heightened.

Creativity is further enhanced because the imagination is allowed to flow with events in a story. This means as time goes along, the child will learn to think out of the box. In the end, this fosters better emotional health.

When reading about children their own age, the child can learn to identity with others and develop empathy. It also helps them to understand they are not alone, that other children feel they way they do too.